Saturday, October 15, 2011


This picture reminds me of my son has made SO Much!!
Progress is advancing in some way. Progress is making changes to yourself and hoping that those changes make you a better person. Progress is inspiring. Progress is hoping against all odds and actually seeing it happen. I'm progressing in life. I'm changing things, myself, my situation my outlook, my faith, my hopes my dreams. I'm trying to re-define my own reality and see things for how they actually are and what they can be, not what they will never be. I'm faithful but not patient. Yet I am faithful that I will learn to be patient. Life is unique in that one must always aspire to higher levels to avoid being mediocre which is my biggest fear. I do not want to be mediocre, I want to be extraordinary and exact a change on this world. I need to make goals, checklists, recordings, or whatever it takes to keep myself accountable to what really matters. Writing is one of these things. I need to make it a priority because the weight of what is on my heart can only be released through writing. So in this I have made Progress.

Friday, October 14, 2011

My Bucket List

A Bucket List or Things I need to do before I die...

Life is precious and having personally watched two of the people I love the most on this earth die in front of me, almost losing a child and having a special needs child, I really understand that. While I know heaven is a place I will be going, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the life God gave you here on earth.

I encourage everyone to make one of these as they are amazingly good for your "you".

1. Do something amazing
2. Get my Master degree
3. Raise my boys to be good husbands/fathers
4. Hike the Narrows in Zion
5. Travel to Italy
6. Go to Rome, Europe, etc.
7. Be a model, just for a day or two.
8. Be comfortable in the skin I'm in.
9. Write a book
10. Change the view of just one person and save just one life because of it.
11. Get my Doctorate degree and make my kids call me "DR. Mom"..LOL
12. Hear my son say "Mommy"
13. Adopt/Foster a child
14. Travel to Africa and help sponsor a village.
15. Start a charter school/class for Deaf/autistic children
16. Go to a writing/photography retreat
17. Take a singing lesson, so at least I sound a little better.
18. Put my money where my mouth is
19. Help someone with Ovarian Cancer in memory of mom.
20. Be an inspiration.

This is just a few..but I think lists make people accountable and all of these come from my heart.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

A trip to Oak Glen

Last weekend, Sunday, to be exact, I took my boys to Oak Glen with the intentions of going apple picking and taking some super rad pictures that would define me as a super rad photog! Well, I did get some super rad pics of my boys, my nephew and bro and sis in law and a few good ones of my aunt and cousins. however, apple picking did not happen. Who would have thunk that last Sunday the entire population of California would decide..Gee We should go apple picking in Oak Glen?..well that's what happened. So after going to the pumpkin patch and taking some great pictures we headed up the hill to go apple picking. Long story very short..CRAZY amount of cars parked on the side of the road and a large sign that said " No More Apple Picking Today!" in front of the place. BUMMER! but have no fear as when in doubt food always makes everything alright! We went back down the road and got us some yummy apple cider floats and donuts with apple seasoning randomness sprinkled on them!
Hope you enjoy these pics of our day!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Well this summer has been a busy one!
Let's see.
June: My bro had a baby, well his wife actually did the hadding, but you get the picture.
Aiden Thomas weighing in at 8lbs 15 oz 21 inches. LOVE HIM!!

Then later on in June Isaiah graduated from 6th grade...WHAT!!! Crazy!!

Then Andrew became a rock star and played his first show.."Sweet Home Alabama". He loves the guitar now if I could just get him to practice..!!

Some sad things...My grandpa Jester passed away and then a few days later my great-Aunt Polly died. It was horrible and I will post a photo collage soon. Its just to fresh to talk about as it was heartbreaking watching another person die.

So in an attempt to keep myself busy, which is not hard with 3 boys, we've been staying busy.

My nephew went back to live with his mom after being with us for a year, but that is a good thing. Both her and him had a chance to do some growing and maturing and I think it will work out well. They will both be joining us for vacation and I am still VERY active in his life and school.

Isaiah made it to Junior Olympics in the 400M, 800M and the 1500 M and will leave Sunday to New Orleans to compete. My Dad is taking him so he is super excited and has been training like a beast lately. Here's a pic from a recent race.

And Finally...Here is a pic of my nephew that I took a 2 weeks ago

That's it for now..We are going to Yosemite in 2 weeks so I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


my baby will graduate 6th grade and I'll bawl my eyes out.
How is Isaiah already 11 and finishing Elementary School? I just graduated high school...didn't I?
Andrew will be finishing 2nd grade..and is 5 feet tall and wears a Men's size 7.5 shoe..
Nicholas will be starting 2nd grade..
Where did all my babies go? Gone is the stroller and diaper bags and changes of clothes in the trunk..just in case. They have been replaced by track spikes, soccer cleats, an electric guitar and portable Amp. A roll of Paper towels and cases of granola bars (because all they do is EAT).
My vehicle no longer smells of pampers and baby wipes but of fast food (did I mention they are always hungry?) and boy funk..that delicate mix of sweaty armpits and rapidly growing stinky feet.
They get embarrassed when I kiss them..except Nicholas, he's still my baby love, don't like my music and say things that make me frown. What happened to the "wheels on the Bus" song being played over and over again?? Now its Rhianna or whatever is on KIIS FM and my son is rapping next to me!
I miss Isiah dressed as Buzz Lightyear singing in the back seat yelling at all the Fire%*cks! (Fire trucks).
Get ready..I guess I have to let him Grow UP!

Thursday, March 3, 2011


1. when hopping into the car and wanting to sit in the front seat: "PISTOL!" meaning shotgun.
2.Ovary-thing...meaning Everything.
3. "Mom. it smells like someone dropped a douche in the bathroom!" I think you meant deuce son.
4. "Mom when I'm a Freshguy, will Isaiah be in the same school as me?"..Nope, when you are a FRESHMAN, he will not.

There are so many more and sadly I know he has inherited this from me and my mother.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Whiskey Creme sauce over Ribeye Steaks

Good Lord! This recipe just gets better and better and better. This lady knows what she is doing and I am convinced that it is because she knows how to use 3 key Ingredients:
1. Butter
2. Cream
3. Butter
She's not shy and she makes no apologies and everything she makes is awesome.
The secret to making these steaks even better is to marinate the steak in a packet of tenderizer (Lawry's Seasoning packs) overnight or for a few hours. You use a large skillet and sear the sides of the steak and then use the steak flavoring in the skillet to season the whiskey cream sauce...sooooooooo good. Seriously, I would drink the sauce if I could.
The recipe can be found in The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Rib Eye Steak with Whiskey Cream Sauce.
I serve mine with steamed asparagus and roughly mashed potatoes using the sauce as gravy.

Things I learned while sitting in the hospital..

1. I AM smarter then a 5th grader!!Phew..I was nervous!
2. Elephants are deadly! When Elephants Attack!!
3. Way more about Elephants and habits of honeybees then I care to share..
4. Night nurses in the pediatric ward know how to party.
5. I can not sleep in a reclining chair anymore.
6. Isaiah is a comedian and quite the little flirt!

Isaiah spent a few days in the hospital for a infected lymph node that caused the side of his face and then eventually his whole face to swell up. It was kind of funny and no I most certainly did not harass him or laugh at him or sneak up behind him and give my best "fat Albert..hey hey hey" impression. I would never do something like that!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

I wonder what he dreams???

Sometimes at night, when all is peaceful in this house..which with 4 boys is very seldom, I sneak into Nicholas' room and watch him sleep. He sleeps like an angel, no joke, he actually folds his hands on the side of his face and lays on them. His eyelashes are so long they curl up and the white skin that is usually covered by his glasses, is all exposed and tender. Often he is smiling and laughing in his sleep and I wonder what does he dream about? I know my other boys dream about airsoft guns and playing or living with a not "so mean mom" that wouldn't make them do chores, homework or..SHOWER!! I wonder if he dreams about talking, screaming and singing. Frustrated with sign language and pointing, does he dream of being able to articulate just exactly what he wants to me? Does he dream of eating gallons of ice cream and cans and cans of Slim-Fast (he loves those) or does he dream of being able to ride a bike all on his own? Sometimes what I hope and dream of for him seems so material and selfish; a wife and family of his own, college and driving his own car. But then I wonder, what does he really want? I think all Nicholas ever wants is to be loved and cherished and to just be free to explore the world around him. Unlike most of us, Nicholas finds the simplicity and beauty in the most extraordinary things. Christmas lights,pin wheels, bubble blowers, fans and the air blowing in his face are just a few of these things. His eyes light up when he is allowed to search out the world and touch and smell everything...seriously..everything. While sometimes his floor touching and people sniffing ways are a huge burden, at the end of the day just before he rolls over and goes to sleep, he pulls my face to him, pushes my face so I can nuzzle his neck and kiss his cheeks and laughs and smiles. He holds on to me for some more kisses and looks at me with a look that says, Thanks for loving me, thanks for keeping me and thanks for letting me be me.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So you are having a boy? A boys survival guide

As the mother of 3 boys, the aunt of three the sister of one and of course the wife of a man, I feel I am qualified to give advice on what to expect when your expecting a...boy! Boys are completely different then girls from birth and there are some things that you should quickly get out of your mind before one of these little beasts makes his arrival.
1. Boys are ACTIVE! They move, they jump, they spin around. They do not stand still.
2. they break things, sometimes the same thing over and over. We have a clock in our house that is now just a clock face as it has been knocked down at least 7 times.
3. Boys love their mothers. Its a special bond.
4. Don't raise your boys to be wussies. However, don't raise them to be jerks either.
I'm working on this..slowly..
5. Teach your boys that is okay to cry, but not over stupid things. See #4
6. Boys are gross. They toot, spit, sweat and stink more then girls.
7. They are loud, very loud and when you combine them with more boys, even louder.
8. They pee everywhere. in the toilet, around the rim, on the seat, sprayed on the shower door, the floor, etc.
9. Clorox wipes are your friend. Buy them in bulk. See #8
10. Enjoy them and teach them to be good men as they will lead their own families one day.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Crazymamaof 4??

So much has changed in our life lately, so much so fast that often its hard to keep up with it. In August we added to our collection of little boys and took our nephew in. J was having some problems in school and at home and just really needed some structure. Funny, Structure isn't the first word I would use when describing my home but I guess I must be doing something right because 1. They are all still alive. 2. They are all doing well in school and 3. They all seem pretty happy. However, the stress of having another boy in the house with a learning disability, ADD and some emotional issues, and another mouth to feed,clothes to wash, etc. is definitely exhausting. I'm trying to remember that as corny and cocky as it sounds, we are in fact saving him and giving him a chance. Since he's been here he has made some big changes and is in his second classroom since being here..this is a good thing as he has left the Extreme Emotional Issues class and is now in a special Ed class with 13 other kids and a great teacher. The idea is to get him into regular education (with some help) by 7th grade. I'm hoping, but mostly praying, that this is the case. what started out as him being with us a year will probably end up being him with us for good and that's okay. I'm used to the increase in pee on the toilet, walls and floors as well as the increased odor of boy funk that has managed to overpower any air freshener I plug into the wall. I find myself wondering sometimes if it is possible to plug air fresheners into the boys..or maybe have them wear little hanging ones??

In addition to this...I started Grad School in September and was very excited to start..until reality hit. Working almost full-time, going to school full time and raising 4 boys, 2 with learning disabilities and 1 who is handicapped, is insane! I'm not supermom! So after having a few mini breakdowns, a "come to Jesus" talk with the husband and really taking some time to reflect, I decided to keep going to grad school but to only do so 1 class at a time, no matter how awesome I think I am, only 1 CLASS AT A TIME!!!! Luckily, I have a great job that I love and that is also pretty flexible. I had actually considered changing jobs for a bit there after getting some offers but after talking with one of the bosses, I decided to stay. I wanted to all along but the idea of making more money and being closer to home tempted me a bit. Now, I realize being somewhere where you are appreciated and where there is an opportunity to grow and working with one of your best friends, is more important in the long run.
That's it! That's all I got for now. Hope all is well with everyone else!

Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm trying to "be Back"

I'm not gonna lie...blogging, while enjoyable, is hard to find the time for and often I think, why bother? Seriously, who will be concerned with my life and all its issues anyway? However, after taking almost a year off I can see that I miss it and I miss sharing myself with the blank oblivion and not really caring who sees it. Here are some pictures of the past year to catch ya'll up a bit.
I cannot figure out how to write under each picture!