Thursday, February 17, 2011

I wonder what he dreams???

Sometimes at night, when all is peaceful in this house..which with 4 boys is very seldom, I sneak into Nicholas' room and watch him sleep. He sleeps like an angel, no joke, he actually folds his hands on the side of his face and lays on them. His eyelashes are so long they curl up and the white skin that is usually covered by his glasses, is all exposed and tender. Often he is smiling and laughing in his sleep and I wonder what does he dream about? I know my other boys dream about airsoft guns and playing or living with a not "so mean mom" that wouldn't make them do chores, homework or..SHOWER!! I wonder if he dreams about talking, screaming and singing. Frustrated with sign language and pointing, does he dream of being able to articulate just exactly what he wants to me? Does he dream of eating gallons of ice cream and cans and cans of Slim-Fast (he loves those) or does he dream of being able to ride a bike all on his own? Sometimes what I hope and dream of for him seems so material and selfish; a wife and family of his own, college and driving his own car. But then I wonder, what does he really want? I think all Nicholas ever wants is to be loved and cherished and to just be free to explore the world around him. Unlike most of us, Nicholas finds the simplicity and beauty in the most extraordinary things. Christmas lights,pin wheels, bubble blowers, fans and the air blowing in his face are just a few of these things. His eyes light up when he is allowed to search out the world and touch and smell everything...seriously..everything. While sometimes his floor touching and people sniffing ways are a huge burden, at the end of the day just before he rolls over and goes to sleep, he pulls my face to him, pushes my face so I can nuzzle his neck and kiss his cheeks and laughs and smiles. He holds on to me for some more kisses and looks at me with a look that says, Thanks for loving me, thanks for keeping me and thanks for letting me be me.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

So you are having a boy? A boys survival guide

As the mother of 3 boys, the aunt of three the sister of one and of course the wife of a man, I feel I am qualified to give advice on what to expect when your expecting a...boy! Boys are completely different then girls from birth and there are some things that you should quickly get out of your mind before one of these little beasts makes his arrival.
1. Boys are ACTIVE! They move, they jump, they spin around. They do not stand still.
2. they break things, sometimes the same thing over and over. We have a clock in our house that is now just a clock face as it has been knocked down at least 7 times.
3. Boys love their mothers. Its a special bond.
4. Don't raise your boys to be wussies. However, don't raise them to be jerks either.
I'm working on this..slowly..
5. Teach your boys that is okay to cry, but not over stupid things. See #4
6. Boys are gross. They toot, spit, sweat and stink more then girls.
7. They are loud, very loud and when you combine them with more boys, even louder.
8. They pee everywhere. in the toilet, around the rim, on the seat, sprayed on the shower door, the floor, etc.
9. Clorox wipes are your friend. Buy them in bulk. See #8
10. Enjoy them and teach them to be good men as they will lead their own families one day.