Thursday, July 12, 2012

July so far

Isaiah helping Nicky get on his "special" bike

Nicky heading off to the bus and to summer school. Luckily he LOVES school!

Took the boys to Guasti Park for the day and Nick loved this hat..

2 LAZY folks on 4th of July, in which we did nothing American! :(
July so far has been full of working out, BBQ's and hanging with my kids. Since I still have to work, sigh, I have to work hard to fit time in with my kids. Summer is usually my favorite time to play with the boys. We hit the beach, the movies, trails, camping, the River, but we have been off to a slow start.In fact, we really haven't done any of the things I usually fill summer with. Cue "mom guilt" as I feel like such a bad mom. Here are some pics from July so far...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Shrinking Madrigals

Juan and I have been working really hard at getting thin and healthy. I knew once he "got back into the swing of things" he would be un-stoppable and he has been! He started around 255 and he is now 198! Yikes! I started around aLOT and am LESS..hee heeI have however dropped about 23 inches and about 20 pounds. I would still like to lose another 20pounds but with all the working out, its a little hard to lose "weight".
these things CRACK me up.

Austin (my workout buddy's son) and Isaiah also do CrossFit and they are BEASTS!



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Birthdays, Baptisms and Bridal Showers..OH MY!!

the dance floor that I really never even got a chance to dance on..ugh!

$5 martini, not bad

Shanda and I

Kelly Belly and I
June is a big month in our family...Its my birthday month!!! Yippeeeeee!! Although we really did not do anything "special" for my birthday, it was special. I am now officially 29 for the 4th time! Man I'm dreading 30..LOL. the weekend before my birthday I went with some of my oldest (meaning I've known them the longest) girlfriends to celebrate Kelly's Birthday. It started out great with drinks and "dancing" at the The Ranch in Anaheim.We eventually ended up getting kicked out..well 2 people in our party did so we had t follow.Sooooo, after that awkward and really stupid experience we headed to Mr. Fox's in Anaheim and had our own little celebration and even got a little tour of the place.
Kelly taking us behind the scenes

With the "boss" back in the wine cellar

That's a whole lotta candles!
Next..My birthday which was June 4th. If you haven't heard..I still love Crossfit and I'm still working my butt OFF! So on my birthday, I idnt go to dinner, didn't g to cake, I went to Crossfit!
Birthday Donuts from my tradition and best Daddy #winninginthedaddepartment

Bridget got me a crown and a button and some Luna bars (instead of cake) what a sweetie!

Stretching for the bday workout 

That next weekend was my sweet little Butter Bean's 1st Birthday
The Great-Grandmas

Mr. Aiden enjoys his sandcastle cake

Aliyah and did I mention who her GOD-Mother is??? yep, ME!
And party time with my fabulous primo, Sergio!
Later in the month was my only niece's Baptism and we did the whole Baptism thing and of course, the Party!!!!

Jeanetta and I

The Fabulous and funny band

Hey guess what?? Not done yet! My good friend Mary also had a birthday. It was her 50th and her sister's took her by limo and had everyone meet at one of her past "hang-outs". She was SO excited and surprised. They had a great 80's band and we had fun dancing away. Note to self: I like to dance, drive solo next time so I can dance longer!

The month was AWESOME, although I think the hubby was getting annoyed about how much I was gone..LOL