Friday, October 14, 2011

My Bucket List

A Bucket List or Things I need to do before I die...

Life is precious and having personally watched two of the people I love the most on this earth die in front of me, almost losing a child and having a special needs child, I really understand that. While I know heaven is a place I will be going, there is nothing wrong with enjoying the life God gave you here on earth.

I encourage everyone to make one of these as they are amazingly good for your "you".

1. Do something amazing
2. Get my Master degree
3. Raise my boys to be good husbands/fathers
4. Hike the Narrows in Zion
5. Travel to Italy
6. Go to Rome, Europe, etc.
7. Be a model, just for a day or two.
8. Be comfortable in the skin I'm in.
9. Write a book
10. Change the view of just one person and save just one life because of it.
11. Get my Doctorate degree and make my kids call me "DR. Mom"..LOL
12. Hear my son say "Mommy"
13. Adopt/Foster a child
14. Travel to Africa and help sponsor a village.
15. Start a charter school/class for Deaf/autistic children
16. Go to a writing/photography retreat
17. Take a singing lesson, so at least I sound a little better.
18. Put my money where my mouth is
19. Help someone with Ovarian Cancer in memory of mom.
20. Be an inspiration.

This is just a few..but I think lists make people accountable and all of these come from my heart.

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