Monday, July 25, 2011

Playing Catch-Up

Well this summer has been a busy one!
Let's see.
June: My bro had a baby, well his wife actually did the hadding, but you get the picture.
Aiden Thomas weighing in at 8lbs 15 oz 21 inches. LOVE HIM!!

Then later on in June Isaiah graduated from 6th grade...WHAT!!! Crazy!!

Then Andrew became a rock star and played his first show.."Sweet Home Alabama". He loves the guitar now if I could just get him to practice..!!

Some sad things...My grandpa Jester passed away and then a few days later my great-Aunt Polly died. It was horrible and I will post a photo collage soon. Its just to fresh to talk about as it was heartbreaking watching another person die.

So in an attempt to keep myself busy, which is not hard with 3 boys, we've been staying busy.

My nephew went back to live with his mom after being with us for a year, but that is a good thing. Both her and him had a chance to do some growing and maturing and I think it will work out well. They will both be joining us for vacation and I am still VERY active in his life and school.

Isaiah made it to Junior Olympics in the 400M, 800M and the 1500 M and will leave Sunday to New Orleans to compete. My Dad is taking him so he is super excited and has been training like a beast lately. Here's a pic from a recent race.

And Finally...Here is a pic of my nephew that I took a 2 weeks ago

That's it for now..We are going to Yosemite in 2 weeks so I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

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