Wednesday, June 22, 2011


my baby will graduate 6th grade and I'll bawl my eyes out.
How is Isaiah already 11 and finishing Elementary School? I just graduated high school...didn't I?
Andrew will be finishing 2nd grade..and is 5 feet tall and wears a Men's size 7.5 shoe..
Nicholas will be starting 2nd grade..
Where did all my babies go? Gone is the stroller and diaper bags and changes of clothes in the trunk..just in case. They have been replaced by track spikes, soccer cleats, an electric guitar and portable Amp. A roll of Paper towels and cases of granola bars (because all they do is EAT).
My vehicle no longer smells of pampers and baby wipes but of fast food (did I mention they are always hungry?) and boy funk..that delicate mix of sweaty armpits and rapidly growing stinky feet.
They get embarrassed when I kiss them..except Nicholas, he's still my baby love, don't like my music and say things that make me frown. What happened to the "wheels on the Bus" song being played over and over again?? Now its Rhianna or whatever is on KIIS FM and my son is rapping next to me!
I miss Isiah dressed as Buzz Lightyear singing in the back seat yelling at all the Fire%*cks! (Fire trucks).
Get ready..I guess I have to let him Grow UP!

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