Monday, January 31, 2011

Crazymamaof 4??

So much has changed in our life lately, so much so fast that often its hard to keep up with it. In August we added to our collection of little boys and took our nephew in. J was having some problems in school and at home and just really needed some structure. Funny, Structure isn't the first word I would use when describing my home but I guess I must be doing something right because 1. They are all still alive. 2. They are all doing well in school and 3. They all seem pretty happy. However, the stress of having another boy in the house with a learning disability, ADD and some emotional issues, and another mouth to feed,clothes to wash, etc. is definitely exhausting. I'm trying to remember that as corny and cocky as it sounds, we are in fact saving him and giving him a chance. Since he's been here he has made some big changes and is in his second classroom since being here..this is a good thing as he has left the Extreme Emotional Issues class and is now in a special Ed class with 13 other kids and a great teacher. The idea is to get him into regular education (with some help) by 7th grade. I'm hoping, but mostly praying, that this is the case. what started out as him being with us a year will probably end up being him with us for good and that's okay. I'm used to the increase in pee on the toilet, walls and floors as well as the increased odor of boy funk that has managed to overpower any air freshener I plug into the wall. I find myself wondering sometimes if it is possible to plug air fresheners into the boys..or maybe have them wear little hanging ones??

In addition to this...I started Grad School in September and was very excited to start..until reality hit. Working almost full-time, going to school full time and raising 4 boys, 2 with learning disabilities and 1 who is handicapped, is insane! I'm not supermom! So after having a few mini breakdowns, a "come to Jesus" talk with the husband and really taking some time to reflect, I decided to keep going to grad school but to only do so 1 class at a time, no matter how awesome I think I am, only 1 CLASS AT A TIME!!!! Luckily, I have a great job that I love and that is also pretty flexible. I had actually considered changing jobs for a bit there after getting some offers but after talking with one of the bosses, I decided to stay. I wanted to all along but the idea of making more money and being closer to home tempted me a bit. Now, I realize being somewhere where you are appreciated and where there is an opportunity to grow and working with one of your best friends, is more important in the long run.
That's it! That's all I got for now. Hope all is well with everyone else!

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