Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things I learned while sitting in the hospital..

1. I AM smarter then a 5th grader!!Phew..I was nervous!
2. Elephants are deadly! When Elephants Attack!!
3. Way more about Elephants and habits of honeybees then I care to share..
4. Night nurses in the pediatric ward know how to party.
5. I can not sleep in a reclining chair anymore.
6. Isaiah is a comedian and quite the little flirt!

Isaiah spent a few days in the hospital for a infected lymph node that caused the side of his face and then eventually his whole face to swell up. It was kind of funny and no I most certainly did not harass him or laugh at him or sneak up behind him and give my best "fat Albert..hey hey hey" impression. I would never do something like that!

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