Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Family is...

Family is a the people you laugh with and who laugh at you...

Family is new life..

Family is loving those you just met and your life feeling more complete because of them..
But most of all..my family is amazing and I feel so blessed to have spent time with those I have meant before and to meet some for the first time. With all the saddness and heartache we have had in the past 7 months plus, that empty crater was filled a little this weekend. My family is not complete with mom not being there, her memory was all over, everywhere and constantly on my mind. I missed her so much and every picture felt incomplete without her there..but it Arkansas was also missing Uncle Cles. He was a staple of Arkansas and a pillar of our family and he loved so much that it radiated off of him. He was missed by all and my mom was missed so much by us and all those who barely knew her. It was so nice to see kin from 0-90 and to see everyone who was so happy to be there. The looks in the eyes of my grandparents, my great aunts and uncles and all who listened intently to their stories or watched their faces as they listened to good live country and gospel music sang by their nephews. It was amazing and healing and a little piece of me was mended by all the hugs from my country cousins and extended family. Arkansas has become my second home.

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