Friday, April 9, 2010

Cooking Adventure #1

As I had said earlier I recently purchased a wonderful cookbook...

I love this cook book soooo much that I am going to try different recipes and then let you all know..okay all 4 people out good they are..

Jalapeno Poppers from THE PIONEER WOMAN COOKS pg. 14

Awesome..awesome! I made these as an appetizer for Easter lunch with my husband’s family. YUMMO! Since you take the seeds out they were not spicy at all and the extra flavoring of the bacon coated with BBQ sauce made them even better. They were definatley a crowd pleaser. Make them and remember to follow Pioneer Woman’s advice and make 3x what you really need!

Someday I hope she sees these and invited me to her ranch to cook with her...sigh..we could have a real Arkie-Okie bond..Enjoy and let me know how yummy they are after you buy her cookbook!


  1. Why, oh why are you not posting links to these recipes?

    p.s. A bunch of my friends are going to check her out in Charlotte...apparently she's doing a tour or something, you should look into it.

  2. They are only in the cookbook,not on the web. Buy her cookbook,I really wish I could go to the book signing!

  3. She is amazing and so are you for trying these out....I love jalapenos..I eat them on my pizza!