Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cooking with the Pioneer Woman Adventure #2

Lets be clear, the only reason I don't put the whole recipe on here is becuase Ree Drummond wrote the cookbook and they are her recipes and I don't want to steal them. That wouldn't be nice and definatley NOT COOL. So here is yet another recipe that I made for Easter morning brerakfast. This is kinda of an odd one and at first I thought I wouldn't like it...but I was WRONG>> YUMMMMMMMMMM! It was so good and look wonderful with all of its rich colors and bold tastes. Even with all the onions,peppers, etc..the boys all ate it up. I was shocked when I did not hear even one peep or whine about the onions. My dad, who was vi sting must have told me how yummy these were about 10 times..

This delicious breakfast recipe was called "Migas" and they were wonderful 5 out of 5 stars. The pics show the pictures from the cookbook (that is idiot proof BTW) and a picture from me,the idiot, LOL. As you can see, Easter morning served a happy crowd.

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