Sunday, April 4, 2010

Adventure #1: Cooking my Way through THE PIONEER WOMAN COOKS

Okay so for Easter I decided I would make the yummiest recipe EVER! The Pioner Woman has the best recipe for Tomatoe, Artichoke Spagetti! It is out of this world and tastes even better the next know when all the juices have been absorbed into the spagetti..YUMMO! Any way..this recipe isn't from the cookbook, it's actually on her website under pastas in the cooking section. Next week I will bring you the adventure of cooking through her cookbook. I'm thinking I'll do one recipe a week and rate it! If you want to check out the Artichoke, Tomato spagetti go to her website at

Warning: You will become addicted! Every recipe I have ever tried is AWESOME!She's my secret weapon with food!

Next Adventure: Why Women love characters like Edward Cullen, Mr. Darcy, etc... Stay tuned it's been rambing around in my head for a while!

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