Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Trip up North...

So my cousins Tammy and Hannah came into town a few weeks ago and we decided to take a road trip up North. California is such a beautiful state and I really wanted them to see it all coast to coast.
We took off early Wednesday morning and made our first stop in Solvang. the day could not have been more perfect. Sunny skies that were bright blue and the greenest rolling hills ever.We stopped there to eat and walk around.

Nicholas tried his first rootbeer in a bottle, which he loved and I had an amazing french dip sandwich.
After Solvang, we proceeded up to Monterrey where we stayed in a little hotel with a pool. Kids love pools!

The next day we headed to the aquarium. LOVED it. It was so cool and Isaiah said it was the best spot!

After the Aquarium, we headed over to Bubba Gumps to get some grub..

and for me and my cousin to get a good drink! We needed it!
We were supposed to go to my uncle's house that night but since that was canceled we figured we would head to San Fran for the day since it was only 100 miles away..We quickly booked a hotel (a crappy one) and went on our merry way. Once there we explored and checked out the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz from afar. Can't say I'm a fan of San Fran. Too busy, too many people!

After we ran screaming...I mean left..San Fran we headed back home via HWY 1 along the coast. The drive was breathtaking but added a few hours to our commute home. But, I can check driving the coast home off my bucket list.

It was a great trip and even better with my cousins and brother and sister-in-law.

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